Cannabis Blam Natural & Organics


 Cannabis Blam Natural & Organics

Did you know that..
General balm or balm or general brand uses petroleum jelly as a chemical base.

It does not help moisturize and can even damage the skin.
After using it for the first time it feels cool and comfortable, after that you can feel dry

But Cannabis Blam Natural & Organics is mostly used in unrefined form.
It will be very prominent. Drops of salt water that has been fermented for 2 years using the recipe of the great-grandfathers of the Na Nong Khai and Thai Kanya families. Add another type of organic oil that nourishes the skin. Extremely great pain will be reduced. Inflamed and retains moisture for a long time with just 1 application.

In our products, we use 100% organic substances ^^Almost no taste%. Then claim it again and it's natural.

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