Medical Conditions

       From sleep and anxiety to pain and inflammation, medicinal cannabis may be able to provide relief for many medical conditions and could be a great natural medicine to help you manage your symptoms.

       Based on our clinical experience, we believe medicinal cannabis has an extensive range of potential benefits, and thousands of Kiwis we’ve treated have found CBD or THC helpful in their journey to better health. We’re passionate about the role of cannabinoids and plant-based medicine in modern healthcare. Our dedicated, expert team are more than happy to share their knowledge about any questions you may have.

Why is a Follow-Up Consultation Required?
  Patient care : Ensuring that your treatment plan is as affordable as possible and that you are getting the most benefit from the product is important to us.
  Moving to THC : If you are considering using a THC-containing product, we will ask you for a follow-up consultation. This is because THC is a different medicine from CBD and requires our doctor to prescribe it and ensure you understand how to use it correctly. Meet doctor online
  Requesting more products : When you are requesting further products and we have not consulted with you recently, we may ask you to book in a follow-up. Meet doctor online
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