Hemp Cannabis actually plays a role in helping treat brain diseases.


Hemp Cannabis actually plays a role in helping treat brain diseases.

       It is well known that A non-addictive, non-psychoactive component called CBN is capable of inhibiting the oxytosis/ferroptosis process in the energy levels of brain cells' mitochondria. and adjust work duties for the better

       To analyze the mechanism of action of CBN, scientists from the Salk institute for Biological Studies and the Shirley Bioscience Center USA searched for CBN components and came up with four new CBN analogs.

       which has been proven to protect nerve cells And has the same properties through the mitochondria as CBN, but better.
This includes in vitro testing in cells and Drosophila models.
(Reported in the journal Redox Biology 2024)

       Thailand has ready-made medicinal plants such as cannabis and cannabis, which can be used in patients with various inflammatory conditions in their organs, including the liver and other organs, including the brain. in the form of dementia and encephalitis and the side effects that occur as a result Mentally, emotionally, muscle rigidity, etc., and the symptoms improve without using the current medicine in high doses or without the current medicine being unable to relieve the symptoms.

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