Terpenes in Cannabis and Essential Oils


Terpenes in Cannabis and Essential Oils




 What are terpenes

       finding in the essential oils specifically the terpenes that are found in cannabis but i'm also going to tell you where can find those same terpenes in other plants in cannabis inhalation or ingestion of terpenes the aromatic compounds can have anti-inflammatory anti-anxiety antidepressant anti-fungal antibacterial neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing effects so terpenes can be awesome and if you are familiar with essential oils you are familiar with the fact that a lot of essential oils have been demonstrated in research to have calming effects or uplifting effects um appetite suppressive effects it does this when we inhale the terpenes the in terms of essential oils when we inhale the terpenes it activates sensory receptors in our nose that send messages to our brain that alter our neuro chemicals they actually interact with the receptors in our well it causes the neurochemicals to interact with receptors in our brain so terpenes can be really awesome um because you know again they are something that can be smelled um in terms of cannabis and cbd related products terpenes are also found in the in the plant itself and well and you can also find it in other plants like sage and rosemary and oregano when you eat those plants you are ingesting the terpenes now do not ingest essential oils essential oils are extremely extraordinarily potent distilled down forms of this the essential oil from the plant and high high high concentration of terpenes they can be toxic very easily i know some people do ingest essential oils but it is extremely dangerous and needs to be done definitely under a doctor's supervision that being said when terpenes are ingested orally and again that can mean just eating oregano or cumin they exert their influence in the digestive tract and throughout the immune system so just because you're not smoking it or inhaling it doesn't mean the terpenes aren't doing the work so that that's kind of my take home there is no matter how your body connects with the terpenes they do have effects of the 120 different terpenes that are found in cannabis for example any of them may influence the their overall effects of cannabis by helping the cannabinoids to penetrate the blood or penetrate the blood-brain barrier more easily by altering liver metabolism of the cannabinoids or by contributing to their own therapeutic properties this is called the entourage effect and basically it says you know when you have the effects of the cannabinoids like thc or cbd um plus terpenes that also activate those receptors or um assist in in creating those effects they may work synergistically and that's not just true of cannabis that's true of a lot of things that they they found that essential oils can actually enhance the effectiveness of certain herbs and medications


Main terpenes

       12 different kinds of lavender each one of them has a slightly different aroma to it same thing there's not as many different types of frankincense chamomile there's roman and german so each one of these has a different balance of terpenes in them but in terms of the main terpenes that are can be found in different types of cannabis or cbd oil we have mircine this is typically found in your indica strains of cannabis it can also be found in bay leaf verbena pine juniber and lemongrass plants and essential oils so if you're looking for an essential oil that will produce the effects of myrcin mircine is anti-inflammatory antiometic which means it helps you helps with nausea and sedative so it helps you calm down it reduces inflammation and makes your tummy feel happier


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