What is Thaikanya RSO oil ?


What is Thaikanya RSO oil ?

What is Thaikanya RSO oil ?

       RSO have gained considerable attention for their potential applications in various fields, including medicine. RSO oil, referred to as "nanomanna," is a formulation of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) mixed with coconut oil extract (CCNO) in a volumetric ratio of 60:40 and a weight ratio of 50:50. This unique blend is being explored for its therapeutic effects, especially in the context of integrative medicine—a holistic approach that combines traditional Thai, Chinese, and other medical practices.

 Integrative Medicine Case Studies:

       - Patient Aged 70 with Brain Tumor (AdenoCA):

After surgical intervention and recovery, RSO was administered through sublingual drops and rectal suppositories. Positive responses were observed, leading to improved quality of life persisting for over a year.

      - Patient Aged 76 with Severe Allergies and Chronic Abdominal Pain:

RSO, administered in drops four times a day, resulted in the patient regaining the ability to walk normally. Additionally, there was a reduction in diabetes, high blood pressure, and improved dietary intake, contributing to an overall enhancement in the patient's well-being.

      - Patient Aged 50 Post-Surgery for Extensive Tumor Removal:

Following surgery, RSO was applied through drops, suppositories, and topical application near the surgical site for a total of nine days. The patient exhibited a rapid recovery, with normalized cancer marker levels (CA19-9) and no evidence of cancer cells in the tissue.

      - Patient Aged 29 with Lung Cancer Metastasized to Bones:

Intensive care was required due to severe complications from chemotherapy. RSO, administered after withdrawing toxic drugs, contributed to the patient's improvement. Cancer markers decreased, lung nodules resolved, and bone health was restored.

Methods of Administration:


       Administered alternately under the left and right sides of the tongue, directly targeting the brain through absorption.


       Deep suppository insertion near the cancer site, ensuring cautious application to avoid complications.

Topical Application:

       Targeted application for localized treatment, promoting pain relief and healing.


       Vaporizing or inhaling the medicine is suitable for patients with lung-related issues.


Principles of Pain Reduction, Tumor Shrinkage, and Overall Healing:

  • Encourage rest for natural recovery after RSO intake.
  • Optimize medication intake to the individual's tolerance for the best therapeutic outcomes.
  • Minimize the use of additional pain relievers if possible.

Potential Side Effects and Mitigation Strategies:

       Patients may experience normal side effects, and monitoring vital signs regularly is crucial. Strategies include addressing low blood pressure with salt intake, managing low blood sugar with honey or sugary substances, and switching positions to alleviate dizziness.


       RSO, a novel formulation of cannabis oil, shows promising results in integrative cancer care. The presented case studies highlight its potential in improving patients' quality of life, reducing tumor sizes, and mitigating the adverse effects of conventional treatments. Regular monitoring and individualized approaches are essential for optimizing outcomes in this integrative medical paradigm.

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