ThaiKanya ‘s Clinics is one of Thailand’ leading providers of medical cannabis access and Alternative Medicine Global Standard

    Thaikanya Clinic aims to be a leader in the global medical cannabis sector by enhancing education and access to cannabis treatments worldwide. With a commitment to natural living and wellness, we have already created millions of Better Days for over 12,000 patients. We are now poised to expand our outreach and educational efforts into several international markets while strengthening our presence in Thailand, known for its world-class cannabis strains.

    Vision Statement: Our vision at Thaikanya Clinic is to accelerate education and access to medical cannabis globally, thereby creating Better Days for needy individuals. We strive to enable patients to live life naturally with innovative healthcare solutions.

Current Achievements :

Patient Impact: Successfully provided guidance and treatment to over 12,000 individuals, fostering millions of Better Days and serving 230,000 users and Global Clients yearly.

Operational Footprint: Established 12 branches across Thailand, catering to a growing demand for quality medical cannabis. Virtual and On-site Appointments: Offer comprehensive, flexible appointment options to meet diverse patient needs.

Proposed Expansion: International Markets: Educate and expand into Europe, APAC, AMERICA, Australia, and additional countries.
Local Growth: Increase the number of branches within Thailand to make our services more accessible to a larger population segment.

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