BENEFITS Helps to heal physical and emotional symptoms, create relaxation of the body and mind. relieves stress make sleep well. It is also useful in both helping to eliminate unpleasant smell and also increase positive energy, can be used as home decoration, create a more pleasant atmosphere Each scented candle will have its own uniqueness which can choose to choose the scent according to the color and the birth element itself or as you like.


Net.wt. 200 g.


Soy Wax : Natural grade, raw materials imported from America.
Essential Oil  : Premium grades and imported from Germany and France.
Scented candle wick : Made from bamboo, it has properties that help in absorbing toxins and is 100% natural raw material, does not pollute the air.
cannabis extract : which has properties that help to relax, relieve stress and reduce anxiety
Elemental stone is a real stone. Meanings according to color and birth element. Helps to enhance luck according to the birth month.
Health and Healing by Cannabis Wellness Centre

Birth Stone, Scented And Meaning

Be Mine : New Peach scent with the freshness of Daisy one step further. make it not boring It is like the charm of a beautiful and attractive girl.

All Night SEXY : Comes with the scent of roses to another level that fascinates and enchants with the scent of peonies.

It’s BOBA time :The aroma of earl gray tea and the softness of milk It comes out as a milk tea that is mellow, like real Taiwanese milk tea.

Dream : The scent of eucalyptus blends perfectly. Gives a pleasant scent, relaxing, comfortable and light body.

Cuddly : The fragrance is like a baby powder scent, light, comfortable, gentle, feels warm, like a child who has been embraced with love. It's a scent that reminds me of childhood happiness.




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